We find eco ways to color the fibre and green the future.  

Dope Dye

Could you ever imagine there is presence of color without traditional dyeing? Dope dyeing is a production method that dyestuff is added before a man-made fiber is extruded through the spinneret into filaments. Less process is required that could reduce the consumption of water, dyestuff, chemical agents and electricity. Colors could be beautifully presented which look the same as that of conventional dyed.


Plastic bottles are cut into chip form.
Plastic chips are melted into recycled polymer.
Colour masterbatch colorant is added to the recycled polymer melt in spinning or extrusion.
The coloured liquid recycled polymer solution is extruded through the spinneret into filaments and become dope dyed recycled polyester fibre

Water saving and reduce water discharge with high chemical oxygen demand.

Energy and chemicals saving.

Lower the carbon footprint.
Helps to attain carbon neutral or carbon negative in the industry.

Reduced environmental impact.

Enhance colorfastness.

Reduce color variation than conventional dyeing.

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